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At Milano Bail Bonds we provide a number of different services. We know that in your time of need, a bail agent must be able to provide you with the excellent service in a timely manner.


The bail agent guarantees to the court the appearance of the Defendant for every court date. If a defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court appearance, the bond is forfeited and a warrant issued by the court. At this point the indemnitors will be liable to pay the amount of the bond.


For this service, the defendant is charged a premium. The amount charged to the indemnitor is 10% on state charges, and 15% of federal charges in Florida. The rates are regulated by the Department of Insurance.


Prior to the posting of a surety bond, the bail agent performs a detailed interview and a complete application of the proposed guarantor (indemnitor).


After obtaining the indemnitor information and undertaking the bail bond the bail bondsman then posts the bail bond at the jail on behalf of the defendant, securing the defendant’s release. The defendant then also comes to meet with the bondsman where he also signs the bail bond contract. Typically at that time the bail bondsman takes a photograph of the defendant and explains the bail office’s expectation in the performance of the defendant while on bail.


After being released on bail the defendant then proceeds to court for his scheduled appearances and all subsequent appearances as ordered by the court. Once the case is completed the bail bond is then exonerated.



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What is a Bond?

The Constitution of the United States and the State of Florida stipulate that people charged with crimes must have a reasonable access to bail, with a few restrictions.

A bail bond is a contract between a person accused of a crime and a businessman called a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen pay the entire amount of a person’s bail in return for a small fee, typically 10% of the bail itself. The bondsman keeps this fee once the person is released from jail. Once the person is released from jail they agree to show up at their next court appearance, but if they do not the bail bondsman forfeits the amount of money they put up to secure their release. When the person “skips” bail, the bondsman can use bail enforcement agents, commonly called “bounty hunters,” to track down the accused and force them to appear at trial.

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